Breaking the Slate

Breaking the Slate

For those of you who wonder what our 7-piece logo means; here is the story. A Chinese monk once sent his pupil to go into the world and document it’s beauty on a large stone slate. As the young monk set off to his venture, it happened that the stone slate fell and broke into seven pieces.

Startled by the event and concerned about the reaction of his master, the pupil tried to put the stone slate back together. But he wasn’t able to connect the pieces back in the right way, instead he built various shapes and forms from the same pieces.

Devastated not to be able to fulfil his master’s wishes, he returned and confessed his short coming. The young monk expected to be scolded for his mistake, his master smiled at him and said “my son, you have learned a valuable lesson today: the beauty of the world is right in front of you. By trying to put the slate back together you have uncovered so many beautiful shapes, it makes it unnecessary to venture out to find them – you have discovered beauty right here”.

I have a strong belief that every person in this world has the ability to do a lot more than he or she thinks they can. In order to activate the passion for development, it isn’t needed to “go out into the world” and learn a whole lot of new skills – breaking down habits and routines helps us change perspective. A changed perspective means a wider view of things and ultimately the foundation for self development.

Adding skills, combined with a changed perspective can have a tremendous impact on personal performance and fulfilment. In my workshops I enjoy pushing participants over the edge to broaden their comfort zone and realise their own potential. In some workshops we actually provide stone slates for participants to break and re-assemble in new forms and shapes. This illustrates the development process happening inside themselves, the break-down of habits and fears so they can make room for new approaches and mindsets.

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